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Chiche Núñez

Künstler des Argentinischen Tangos

Career path

Curriculum of Chiche Núñez aa artist for Tango Argentino


Chiche Nunez lives since 1998 in Germany and works as a dancer, artistic director, teacher and choreograper of Tango Argentino. As a student of the famous José Brahemcha, called “el Turco José”, his dance is characterized by the subtleties of the Urquiza style. Inspired by styles of other art forms, he developed his own character for his dance. In his Berliner Dance school he taught generations of social and professional dancers. His career so far has been captured in the award-winning documentary “Con el Tango”, which has been shown at international festivals since 2021. Since over 10 years he brings inclusive Tango on stage, especially with dancers on wheelchair, for instance together with RambaZamba Theater in the frame of the Gala Evening “Parieté”. His research in this field has been subsided various times be the German Government.
Excerpt of his productions:

Solist-Performance in the Concert “Buenos Aires i Jul” in the Theater Sentralen in Oslo, December 2021
Soloist appearance in concert on the 100 years of Astor Piazzolla in Norway, broadcast on NRK (2021) Performance at the International Tango Festival in Istanbul (2019)
Appearances at events of the VIA Network (2018)
Appearances as part of the Embrace Berlin Tango Festival (2015-2018)
Parietè Gala Show (Berlin, Sep. 2016)
From 2007 to 2016 regular soloist appearances at the Berlin Philarmonie
Operita “Maria de Buenos Aires”, director and choreographer (Israel, 2013)
Show “Cafetín del Sur” (Berlin, 2010)
“Tango for Engler” (Norway, 2009)
Operita “María de Buenos Aires” (Norway, 2007)
Performances in the most important tango clubs in Buenos Aires, e.g. Sunderland, Canning, Sin Rumbo.

Chiche Núñez Dancer and Choreographer for Argentine Tango in Berlin

Press articles about Chiche Núñez and his tango work


“Tango in a wheelchair: This is how inclusion works” – Article in the Berliner Zeitung by Markus Tschiedert on German


“The importance of style” – Portrait of Chiche Núñez in Tango Fashion, English and Spanish


“Tango – Fire of Passion” – Article of the ProntoPro blog by Verena Arnold on German

Dance performances

Lavinia and Chiche Núñez’s latest video is here!

Lavinia & Chiche

The video clip was shot in April 2022 at Chateau de Montelon, France and edited in Berlin by Urquiza Tango Productions (www.urquiza.com).
Lavinia and Chiche Núñez dance to the music of De Angelis, La Cumparsita, in the tradition of the Urquiza style.

Lavinia & Chiche

The video clip was shot in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy in February 2022 and edited in Berlin in March 2022 by Urquiza Tango Productions.
Lavinia and Chiche Núñez dance to the music of Anibal Troilo B.B., in the tradition of the Urquiza style of Chiche’s teacher José Brahemcha.

Ester y Chiche

Tango dance performance by Ester Duarte & Chiche Nunez in the Glaspalast on the Pfefferberg as part of the Embrace Berlin Tango Community Festival on May 20, 2018 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. A cooperation of Urquiza Tango Berlin and the Schankhalle Pfefferberg

Gaby y Chiche

Inclusion tango dance performance with Gabi Helmdach at the Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin. Pariete Gala on September 9, 2016. In collaboration with Ramba Zamba Theater. Concept and direction: Giorgio Madia. Choreography: Chiche Núñez

Ester y Chiche

Tango performance with Ester Duarte in March 2009 with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Norway. As Solists Atle Sponberg (Violin), Sverre Indris Joner (Arrangements and Piano) Per Arne Glorvigen (Bandoneon), Steinar Haugerud

Ester y Chiche

Tango performance with Ester Duarte in the Kamera Musik Saal of the Berlin Philharmonie, March 2013.

Music by Cantango Berlin Ensemble

Alejandra y Chiche

Tango performance with Alejandra Gutty in the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie 2012.

Music by Cantago Berlin Tango Ensemble

Franca y Chiche

Tango Show “Obsesión Tango! with Franca Iari for La casa del Tango Berlin in “La Luz” at osram Höfe, Berlin.

“Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the PROGRAMME NEUSTART KULTUR, DIS-TANZEN aid program of the DACHVERBAND TANZ DEUTSCHLAND.”

Urquiza Tango Argentino in Berlin ist eine vom BKM Neustart Kultur
Urquiza Tango Argentino in Berlin ist eine vom BKM Neustart Kultur geförderte Tanzschule
Urquiza Tango Argentino in Berlin ist eine vom Dis-Tanzen Projekt geförderte Tanzschule