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The current program is online! You are welcome to simply book courses, individual dates and workshops online. Welcome to Urquiza!

Learn tango in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Attention: Due to the current measures to restrict contact and combat the Covid19, there will be no present lessons for the time being. The online offer has been expanded for you.

Courses in Berlin


Classroom lessons in Berlin


Beginners, intermediate and advanced courses are offered. Course duration is usually 9 weeks, 1 time a week at 60 minutes per appointment. The course is offered for fixed dance couples without changing partners. There are 4 pairs allowed per course, in compliance with the current Covid19 requirements.

Online courses

Kurs online buchen!

Online Tango Courses via Zoom


Weekly online courses for both roles, singles and couples.
Live corrections, small groups and personalized feedback.

Each course lasts 9 weeks, 60 minutes per week.

Private lessons


Private lessons for Tango in Berlin and Via Zoom

Thanks to their personal character, private lessons offer students the opportunity to develop faster and find an authentic style. Private lessons can also be useful for beginners, as they can offer a faster and more thorough introduction to the forms of movement in the tango.

Please note: Private lessons in Berlin can only be booked as a couple at the moment.
Online private lessons can also be arranged.
The price is per couple, per hour.


Presence lessons

Prices per person:

Rates (60′ x 9 weeks): Normal 155 EUR / Supporter 180 EUR / Reduced (unemployed and people
under 30) 130 EUR

Individual appointment (60′): 20 EUR (by appointment)

Online courses

Prices per person:

Rates (60′ x 9 weeks): Normal 155 EUR / Supporter 180 EUR / Reduced (unemployed and people
under 30) 130 EUR

Single class (60′): 20 EUR for all

Private lessons

Prices for Berlin per couple:

1 x 60′ with Chiche Núñez
90 EUR


Online private lesson by appointment.



A limited contingent of discounts is available to support young dancers and the unemployed. The corresponding evidence will be presented at the first appointment.


* Not valid for private lessons