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Chiche Núñez

"Tango Argentino is part of my everyday life and I experience it at any time in connection with its tradition and present ..."

Chiche Núñez

Artistic director & CEO


The Argentine dancer has lived in Berlin since 1998 and works here as a dance teacher and choreographer for the Tango Argentino. As a student of the famous José Brahemcha, called “el Turco José”, his dance is characterized by the subtleties of the Urquiza style. Inspired by styles of other art forms, he developed his own character for his dance.

Some of his appearances and productions:

  • Appearances at events of the VIA association (2018)
  • Appearances as part of the Embrace Berlin Tango Festival (2015-2018)
  • Parietè Gala Show with Giorgio Madia as Director (Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin, Sep. 2016)
  • From 2007 to 2016 regular appearances in the Berlin Philharmonic
  • Operita “Maria de Buenos Aires”, director and choreographer (Israel Tour, May 2013)
  • “Cafetín del Sur” (Ufa Fabrik, Berlin, 2010)
  • “Tango for Engler” (Kristiansand Symphonic Orchestra, 2009)
  • Operita “María de Buenos Aires” (Norway Tour, March 2007)
  • As well as appearances in the most important tango clubs in Buenos Aires, such as: Sunderland, Canning, Sin Rumbo.


Tango Fashion, February 13, 2020




…”It started like a typical Argentinian story: a young literature and literature and philosophy student takes his first steps down in the underbelly of Buenos Aires. His way out is plastered by many teachings, life changing experiences and encounters. And of course is blessed and coursed by the Tango spell.
His thirst for Tango knowledge was strong. In the first months he got closer to many well-known and emerging dancers and teachers, like Fabián Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzales, Pupi Castello and later Raúl Bravo. He trained, danced and worked every day and night. There was no time for much else. His dancing grew in repertoire and his body got more comfortable in Tango. A typical story of the birth of a dancer.”…

To the full article:

www.prontopro.de/blog, February 04, 2020
Author: Verena Arnold


Tango – fire of passion


… “Dancing is much more than just movement. You can also consider it a sport, but behind the hundred different dance styles that exist worldwide, there is always a tradition and history of its own. Discovering these and immersing them in the ancient rhythms is the passion of many and has often shaped a life significantly.“…

To the full article in German:

BZ, September 10, 2016
Author: Markus Tschiedert


“Parieté” gala at the Pfefferberg Theater
Tango in a wheelchair: that’s how inclusion works


… “Tango in a wheelchair? Can’t? Oh! The Argentinian dancer Chiche Nuñez performed a unique dance with the wheelchair user Gabriele Helmdach for the piece” Oblivion “by Astor Piazzolla – as contemplative and graceful as if it were the most normal thing on the World that one dancer stands on his feet while the other is in a wheelchair. “…

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