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Tango Argentino Blog What does it mean to be a good dancer by Chiche Nunez CEO of Urquiza Berlin

What does it mean to be a good dancer?

A good dancer makes the best possible out of every situation.


There are many aspects that play a role in this. Firstly, it is the ability to adapt to different partners, secondly, the mastery of one’s own dancing desires. Finally, the ability to differentiate oneself from others. In the sense of authenticity, musicality, the diversity in the repertoire, charisma and transmission of security. All these factors are rarely present in the same intensity in a single person. That’s what makes the differences between the dancers. Being a good dancer means using your own possibilities in honesty and thereby creating the best possible version of yourself.


There are hardly any differences between the desirable qualities of a good leader and those of a good follower. Therefore, this conversation applies to both roles and genders. It is more about how the qualities come in the game. Both roles must seek the encounter, an honest search for the partner, without claiming to “find” someone. The process of searching is what makes the beauty of dance. After the music, the partner and yourself.
A good dancer no longer compares himself to the outside world, he is not in competition. When you have found your way of dancing, you are able to recognize the search and development of others.


Good dancers manage to develop over the years and remain consistent through the personality they find. Quality is more likely to be found in endurance than in sometimes short-lived fads.


A good dancer must have self-confidence, love him- oder herself, at the same time perceive the other people and still be emotionally touched while dancing. A good dancer is someone who gets along well on his or her own. He or she has no right to be “liked” by as many as possible or to have his or her taste shared by the general public. The goal is to find our own best possible dance. We prepare for it continuously, throughout our life. We invests in body, soul and spirit.