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Volterra Tango Journey

July 28th until August 2021

Volterra Tango Journey 2021!

Summer Tango Trip in Tuscany!




All necessary measures are taken to protect your health.
Please observe these basic rules:
– Participation is limited to couples living together or permanent dance partnerships
– A maximum of 9 pairs are allowed
– Please bring nose and mouth covering and wear it if necessary at the request of the teachers
– Changing partners and touching teachers and other participants is not permitted
– The minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be adhered to at all times – what a great Ronda!
– Hand disinfectant is provided
– Sufficient time is planned for the ventilation and disinfection of the premises

Further information will be distributed as soon as the Italian Government updates the current requirements.




The trip begins on Wednesday, 28.07, afternoon with an informal reception in Volterra, Pisa. Private lessons can be booked as early as Monday 26.07, if you are interested, just report it!

From Thursday (29.07) to Sunday (01.08) we learn and deepen our tango together, we dance in the beautiful hall and if possible also in Florence and who knows, maybe also on the beach. On Sunday evening we will say goodbye, the departure is scheduled for Monday morning (02.08).

Of course, you can stay longer to enjoy Volterra and the whole region in peace. We are happy to give you recommendations.





Learn Tango:
12 hours of lessons, depending on the group/participant. We will learn intensively and deepen important topics. During class you are invited to drink soft drinks and Italian snacks.


Dancing Tango:
Milonga dello Sbarba: A Milonga designed for you in the beautiful Renaissance Palace Ricciarelli Dello Sbarba. During the Milonga you are invited to typical drinks, sweets and snacks.


Experience Tango:
We are planning a film evening about Tango on the big screen and a small appearance as an inspiration for you!




250 € / person
Private lessons can be booked on site.





Due to the current situation, it is not yet possible for us to reserve room quotas for you. However, we are in contact with the Hotel Etruria in Volterra and are welcome to assist in the mediation if necessary.
For questions and recommendations we are available.




Volterra can be reached by plane via Pisa. From the airport Pisa you can rent a car, take the bus and train or get picked up by the hotel or another pick-up service. We are happy to help you with contacts to such services.