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TANGO TANZEN, LERNEN UND ERLEBEN! in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Urquiza, Tango Argentino
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Events & Journeys

Volterra! A wonderful Tango journey into the Renaissance ... Save the Date: October 14th to 19th, 2020!

Live Tango in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Next Urquiza Journey is to Volterra, Italy!


Urquiza travels to other countries and cities with tango enthusiasts. Buenos Aires as the capital of the tango is one of our main destinations. In the coming years, however, those places and their dance secrets that had previously seemed rather exotic to the tango should be investigated. The differences and variety of the tango should be made accessible and experienced through the trips.

Volterra Info/Buchung


Tangoshows and concerts


Special events take place in Urquiza, such as EMBRACE BERLIN TangoCommunityFestival, various tango dance shows or tango concerts.

Chiche Núñez also performs regularly in various shows and concerts. You can find the dates under our Home/News page.


Club Urquiza


The Club Urquiza aloud a close connection to the world and culture of the tango and creates a platform for the exchange between the dancers, which should go beyond learning the style.

Common activities that may be related to the tango, but are not necessary, create a social environment in which club members and tango friends can share and exchange ideas about artistic, cultural and political issues. Club activities include visiting milongas, attending concerts and readings, and traveling together to other countries or weekend trips to other cities.