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Chiche Nunez, Ester Duarte and life with tango in their Salón Urquiza in Berlin. A documental film by Judith Albrecht
Tango, Berlin, Urquiza, Kurse, Workshops, Milonga, Chiche Nunez, Pfefferberg, Tango Argentino, Tango Berlin, Tanzen
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The film “Con El Tango” tells the story of the couple Chiche Núñez and Ester Duarte and their Salon Urquiza in Berlin


What happens to self-esteem and dance when you leave your homeland? That’s the question that both of them are asking when they’re looking for a personal home.


Chiche and Ester open the Salon Urquiza in Berlin, where they want to build a home and re-create the Urquiza style. At the same time, both prove themselves as dancers on international stages, they teach, organize milongas, become parents, close the salon, lose and find each other again.


The film accompanies the dance and love couple through their life with the tango. After almost 15 years of recordings, fine work and a lot of travel, we are infinitely proud to be able to present this film to you.

Con El Tango Poster with Laurels - Documentary about Urquiza Tango Argentino with Chiche Nunez, Ester Duarte and Jose Brahemcha

What happened so far – Prizes, Film Festivals and all news about the completion of the movie “Con el Tango”


Our movie was completed in April 2020. A glamorous premiere was planned for May 2020, which could not take place due to the global situation. We didn’t let ourselves get down: we hit the path of international festivals. The hope to be able to offer a premiere soon remains, as soon as circumstances permit.

The start was in Denmark: the film was presented as the main event as part of the Jewish Culture Festival in the centre of Copenhagen.. After the performance, the protagonists Ester Duarte and Chiche Nunez were interviewed and answered questions from the audience before everyone was invited to a family milonga.

So the film’s journey continued: in March 2021 we received our first prize as best documentary film in the South Film and Arts Academy Festival from Chile. In June, it was an honorable mention at the 2021 ARFF Paris // International Awards in the category Best Documentary Film. And finally, in July 2021, we received the great news from the prestigious Indipendent Film Festival Marina del Rey Film Festival® in Los Angeles, California, that our documentary was awarded best documentary film in a foreign language. What a pleasure to be able to share the laurels with you via Instagram and Facebook!

After about 10 years of filming, 3 years of post-production and a year and a half of limited opportunities for the distribution of independent films, we look to the future with great gratitude and confidence, and we are satisfied with the past. In recent times, the only motivation has often been a strong will to keep moving forward. And now we can present a sincere film, an (hopefully!) Artful statement about tango, expressed through and enriched by the 7th art.

Work continues behind the scenes in order to be able to organize a German, even Berlin premiere in a “real” movie theater. We will be happy to keep you up to date. Yo can sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on Urquiza-Facebook and Instagram.